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Koko gives people the help they need, when they need it

Scalable support for emotional distress.
From bullying and harassment to suicide and self-harm, Koko helps people in all states of distress, providing evidence-based support while referring high-risk users to international lifelines for immediate help.
Crisis detection and abusive content moderation.
Koko’s APIs help social networks automatically detect crisis and abusive content in text, protecting users and supplementing human moderation efforts with deep-learning artificial intelligence APIs.

Koko is backed by science

We started as a PhD dissertation at MIT Media Lab and six years later continue to adhere to evidence-based and clinically supported practices. We work with academic advisors and collaborators from MIT, Northwestern, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Maryland, along with individuals at national crisis lifelines.

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“What if you could combine the emotional intelligence of Koko’s crowdsourced network with the scale of a massive social network?”
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